Oyster Leather Vest
Oyster Leather Vest

Oyster Leather Vest

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raw +i

A collaboration between two artistic cores in pursue of sharing and expressing. This project is meant to magnify theirs and other woman ́s beauty, expression, and esteem. Meant to get lost in the holes of the universe and to notice the beauty in the imperfection.

 Inés de la Garza, design, jewelry, and art curator, with whom Alejandra Raw developed these pieces that speak of about their essence, philosophy of creating pieces of design by means of helping. The inspiration in this series/collection of raw +i the one hand, Ines' unique style and, on the other hand, the unraveling of raw, the beauty in the imperfection of manual work.

They are building armors for strong soul women.

Gray leather vest 

100% hand knitted pieces by grown women.