Naica Comb
Naica Comb

Naica Comb

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Each piece of Mina Ro Mina is designed, sculpted and assembled by hand, from the model in wax to the final product in metal. They also use state-of-the-art technology for the final details and finishes.
From the beginning, Mina Ro Mina has looked for ways to boost the female sector in the industry. The company has opened its doors to those passionate about artistic jewelry. Mina Ro Mina is a company constituted by 90% women.

Naica comb
Travel to the magical Naica mine in Mexico. Inspired by this mystical place with its fantastic shapes that seem to belong to another planet, this geometric collection comes with exceptional pieces that will be in the main outfit element accentuating it with an original architectural elegance.

Brass base metal with 22k gold plating with smokey quartz comb.
The main photo shows the color of the selected stone and metal.
The mannequin and model photos are for reference of proportions only.