LouLou Jacket
LouLou Jacket
LouLou Jacket
LouLou Jacket

LouLou Jacket

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For ACH to wear clothes is to wear the colors of a cosmopolitan Paris, opened to the world. The brand offers casual chic and colorful collections, with graphic design, available in limited series and hand-crafted in ethical workshops. Charlotte Martin, the founder, gets her inspiration from her many travels but also from those around her to create a brand that resembles her. More than a brand of clothing, Ach is about encounters: each model is named after a friend of the designer.

A unique jacket whose timeless shape is complemented by a singular patchwork geometric design.

Loulou tri-material model in navy blue, white satin, and Asian brocade.

Cotton lining

Geometric inserts according to ACH design

Cotton plush velvet necklace

Button closure 6 buttons black metal gun

Vertical buttoned interior pocket

Two raglan pockets with channel

Secret pocket piping on the neck

Sewing of pocket contours

Informed sleeves

Slit cuffs and button tabs

Buttoned flanges to adjust the size (2 buttons)

Back fold