Luv Is All We Need

Today, we live in a world of hate, war, selfishness, and a lack of ethics and values. This globalized culture of excess has led brands to sacrifice essential parts of the production process putting margins and growth over people and the planet. It is common to think“it is what it is”,  and that the economy of consumerism is never going to change. What if that's not true? Change can happen. Change will happen, once we all start being that change in our daily life.
It all starts with love. Feeling love and spreading love. We celebrate people who do things the right way and are taking a stand to protect our planet and our people in different ways.  When we all have one common objective, we become one. We unite. The only way we can make a real change is if we do it together. This collection is all about people, art, valuing the producer, the planet; it's about what the world needs most: love.